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Can I rent a car if I don't have a credit card?

Currently all the suppliers are requested to ask for a credit card in the name of the main driver on the rental agreement, upon the arrival.


I need a vehicle over a major holiday period

When wanting a vehicle over a period of time that you know may be busy, please be sure to make your reservation at your earliest convenience, as the vehicles might be in short supply. We are doing our best to update the website so that it displays only those vehicles which are available at any given moment. However, during the periods of highest demand we cannot always promise that a vehicle will be available. Once you have booked a vehicle and your reservation has been accepted, you can be confident that it will be waiting for you upon your arrival.


What is the fuel policy?

Fuel policies are clearly stated in the terms and conditions. White Line prides itself on the “fair fuel” policy. This means that you will need to return the car back with the same amount of fuel as you collected it with, with no added admin fees for this service.


Is mileage always unlimited, if not, when isn't it?

If unlimited mileage is included, it will be stated in the local terms and conditions. Otherwise, it will be clearly shown that unlimited mileage is not included.


How are car hire 'days' calculated?

Car Hire works on a 24-hour clock, so if you rent from 10 a.m. Monday to 10 a.m. Tuesday, this is considered 1 day. If you rent from 10 a.m. Monday to 1 p.m. Tuesday, you have passed 24 hours and have entered a second day of rental. Therefore, you will be charged for 2 days rental. Please check your times carefully when booking, as times can have a big impact on price.


I need a child seat - are these guaranteed?

As child seats are mandatory in most countries, by requesting them in advance, you are making sure that they will be available upon your arrival. If you have reserved these on your booking, the supplier will confirm their availability, together with the confirmation if the vehicle is available. Please note that these are payable locally, and must be fitted by a parent or a guardian.


I want to take the vehicle out of the country of rental. What do I do?

If this option is available, it will be undertaken under the supplier’s local terms and conditions. There will be more information on your specific rental, available at the time of booking, and also included in your rental documentation. Please note that there may be an additional fee for this service. The fee is usually calculated for the whole duration of the rental, and not just for those days that you are taking the vehicle to the other country.


The office is closed when I need to collect the car - what can I do?

It may be possible to arrange an out-of-hours pick up with the supplier. However, there is an additional fee payable locally for this service. If we have confirmed the out-of-hours booking, we will be aware of the customer’s arrival.


What are exceptions there to the insurance cover?

In common with most insurance policies, there are exceptions to the insurance cover and circumstances which invalidate the insurance. These may include, but are not limited to: damage to windscreens/windows, the underside and roof of the vehicle, tyres and wheels; lost keys; when the vehicle is driven off-road or on un-tarmacked road; driving without due care and attention or driving negligently; driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is shown on the general terms and conditions at the time of booking.


Can I drive my vehicle off-road?

Insurance does not cover taking vehicles, including four wheel drives, off-road or onto un-tarmacked tracks, so we strongly recommend that you do not do this as it may invalidate your insurance. Please check with the supplier if you are considering such activity.


What is an international driving licence and when is it needed?

The International Driving Licence (IDL) is recognised worldwide and it identifies its holder as a properly licensed driver. It is usually valid for 5 years, but does not replace a valid National Driver’s Licence which will always be required. It enables local traffic police and rental companies to understand the language on your normal driving licence. The IDL is not required in those countries where English is the primary spoken language. It is also not mandatory in many countries within Europe, but is recommended for most, due to language barriers. The requirement for the IDL will be clearly shown during the booking process and on your rental documentation. These can easily be obtained from the post office or government authorities.


What happens if I am involved in an accident?

In the event of any mechanical difficulties or accidents involving your vehicle, it is important that you inform the local car rental company as soon as possible (within 24 hours). In the case of an accident, the local police should be informed, and a police report completed. Also, the full details on the third party should also be taken. You will need to complete a full accident report form when returning the vehicle to the supplier. The car rental company must give an authorisation to replace or repair a vehicle. It is important that you retain a copy of all documentation for your own records.


What is a security deposit and why must I leave one?

A security deposit is the amount of money which the suppliers block at the start of the rental, in order to cover themselves for potential costs with the rental. This usually takes the form of an amount blocked on the credit card, and will usually be the excess amount, plus fuel deposit. This deposit ensures that the customer can cover any damage to the vehicle or cover the cost of refuelling the vehicle, and it represents a standard practice in car rental. Provided the car is returned in the same condition as rented, the security deposit will be returned in full at the end of the rental.


What should I do when returning the vehicle?

When returning a vehicle, you should always follow the instruction given by the local supplier at the time of rental. Failure to follow these instructions – such as parking in the correct parking area, may result in additional charges.


I returned my vehicle early - can I have refund?

Unfortunately, White Line is not able to refund any unused days or part-days if the vehicle is returned earlier than agreed. Some of our car rental partners may agree on some compensation, but this is not guaranteed and is at their discretion.


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